Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 17th - Follow Weird Promptings!

Hello my beautiful family! Love you all like crazy. It has been an awesome week here and I just am loving it here in Willcox. This has been a week full of miracles and I couldn't be more grateful.

I'm going to start with my favorite miracle that happened on Thursday. We had dinner with Carole and her niece Melissa (our investigator). We decided to teach her about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity all in the same night (because we are crazy). We did and she was just so accepting! She said it wouldn't be a problem. We were about to leave when she said, "Wait, I want you to be here for this!" We then followed her to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and I thought, oh my gosh! She is going to dump out her iced tea! Instead she pulled out a cardboard box. Inside was wine that she had just bought last week. Through tears we all laughed as she poured it all down the drain. Melissa is amazing! Her faith makes me want to be better! She is such a strength to us and I feel so blessed to have met her. Can't wait to see all that Melissa achieves in this life :) this girl is on top of things!

On Tuesday night we had dinner with the Wyatt family. Chinese food :D  Pretty much made my life. Caden left on his mission Wednesday morning. We got to be there when President Nolan came and set him apart. It was super special, and it meant a lot to me to be there because I won't get to be there for when Laurel is set apart. I'm not crying (which means she is )  ...ah, it kills me to miss out on this special time in her life but I will definitely be there in spirit for all the excitement. I am so excited for her and know that she will be the best Hermana Martin ever!

We started helping out at the food pantry this last week, it is a lot of fun! We are going there every Wednesday. Between that, volunteering at the Rex Allen Museum on Friday and playing games at the nursing home on Saturday we were able to get 8 hours of service! Yet still had time for 26 lessons. Been a busy week for sure but amazing as well!

While in an appointment with Jeff and Melanie on Thursday, I felt this very strong prompting to ask him for a referral. I decided to wait until the end. Well, you know my brain; we left and I was already going down the stairs when a voice said to me, "Did you forget something?" I ran back and asked him if he knew anyone we could visit or who needed a message about Jesus Christ. He then gave us his sister's address and upon finding her we found out she had been baptized 4 years ago and really needed to talk to us. From this referral though we have found 2 missing less actives, 3 investigators and a few potentials because of being in that area. This truly is the Lord's work.

2 more quick miracles. We went to speak at a baptism for First Ward and I also got to lead the music. Well turns out the boy is Anna's son! One of our less actives that went MIA recently. We were able to reconnect with her and we are going to go and see her today! Last miracle is funny. So while driving along the road, I saw a man carrying a boy chasing after a hat (it was really windy yesterday). I then slammed on the brakes and backed the car up. The man was already to his hat, but I just knew we needed to talk to him. Hermana Garcia thought I was crazy haha. We talked for a bit and then got out of the car. Jesus is the nicest guy and really wants to meet with us! He works for some members up in Bowie on the Pecan Orchard. We are seeing him Wednesday :) following promptings this week has brought us much success.

Love you so much! Great to talk to you :) Hasta luego!

Hermana Martin

Melissa pouring her wine down the drain.
This show of faith definitely impressed Sierra.

Picture sent to Sierra by one of her cousins.

I shared with Sister Bushman my favorite quote and she had her
daughter Holly make this for me for my birthday!! 
She is so cute and thoughtful!!!

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