Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10th - Another great week here in Willcox!

Okay I'm writing fast. Somehow in my head I had already written and then it just hit me that I hadn't yet! Fail, I know. We'll see how I do!

We had a great week! We've been getting up at 5 am to do exercising at the church at 5:30 with Sister Romney, Chaffey and Hermana Tapia. It has been a lot of fun and I really can feel the difference! I am trying to lose the wonderful 7 lbs that have become my testimony of the amazing food here.
On Tuesday the elders called and asked us to come and help a family move. We showed up and a short time later they had to leave for a meeting and then never came back. We helped them move for nearly 5 hours but they gave us money for food aftewards so it was so worth it!  Haha!!

Jeff and Melanie are doing great! were able to find Melanie a job with a member of the Spanish branch at the orchards. On Saturday they came over to dinner with the Romney family. They had a great time and so did their girls! They both came to church on Sunday.

Melissa also came to church for her first time :)  On Saturday we showed her around the church with Sister Bushman. We ended in the chapel and I played "I Am a Child of God" on the organ. I picked the organ up like 2 weeks ago and have really enjoyed it! We then went back to the house for lunch that Hermana Garcia and I did. I love Melissa so much :) I feel like she and I just get a long. I can't wait for you all to meet her in December.
On Sunday we had 9 less actives at church and 3 investigators. It was awesome! Hermana Garcia and I had to split up so she could sit with Virginia and I sat with Jeff and Melanie. Tiffany Rios and her mom came for Elder Caden Wyatt's farewell. He has done so much missionary work with us and we'll be sad to lose him. Brazil is super lucky though! We'll be at his place on Tuesday for dinner and we'll be there when he gets set apart.
We went on splits on Saturday. Sister Jocelyn Allred came with me and we visited 2 less actives and Hermana Garcia went to San Simone with Hermana Whetton. They found a less active family that Brother Bushman contacted and also a new investigator.

Okay that is all! Gotta go! And sorry I didn't take a single picture this past week. 26 lessons though :P I've been busy haha.

Love you! Talk to you next week!

Hermana Martin

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