Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 9th - Hicimos tortillas!!

Hey! I always leave the big email for last. You would think after this long I would have learned to get this done first. Oh well! You learn the hard way I guess.

I am actually kind of grateful for P Day today, I plan on sleeping haha. I just spent this weekend battling a horrible migraine which was no fun. It was cool though because I haven't had one like this since my first transfer when I just prayed that I would not let this interfere with my work. It has been cool to see that God has answered that prayer. I got to lay down for like 20 minutes on Sunday while we talked with the Bushmans.  The Bushmans are the best. I can't wait for you to meet them.

We had Zone Conference this past week up in Safford with our Zone and the New Mexico Zone. I got to see Hermana Garcia! We took pictures since it was the last time that I'll see her for a while. It was sad saying goodbye to a couple of people. The conference was really good though. I played the piano and also got called up randomly to give a 5 minute talk on Christ-like Attributes. I talked about Faith, which is my attribute for this tranfer. I remember being called up to do something like it for one of my first zone conferences and just freaking out. Shaking, not being able to put my words together. It was cool for me to see the difference, in that I have a lot more confidence in myself in speaking. It still is a little scary but I now have learned to trust in the Lord and just go for it! On the way back to Willcox with the Passey's, I made one final attempt...."Hey President, can I extend?" He looked at me, trying to tell if I was SERIOUSLY joking, then looked back at the road and said, "No." Dang it.... can't blame me for trying. 

So we've been teaching the lessons to K. Douglas because she is getting baptized at the end of the month. She is 8 and her family has been members of the church for a while, but it has been cool for us to get to teach her just like her parents were taught a few years ago by missionaries. I remember when I told missionaries that I was going to Willcox, EVERYONE mentioned the Bushmans and the Douglases. They are amazing :) can't wait for you to meet them. They remind me of home. 

So mom, I am finally mejicana!! Hermana Tapia is the best and taught us how to make tortillas this past week!  It was super fun! I can't wait to show you when I get home :)  Also she said that when we come through, we have to stop by and she is going to make us tamales :) you will love her mom!

This was our last weekend playing at the Nursing home :(  All of our favorite residents have moved out because they are closing it. Breaks my heart to have to say goodbye. Gladys and Emma have been such a joy to be around. I will miss them like crazy.

So Thomas (former Elder Petrungaro) was down visiting this past weekend. SUPER weird seeing a former missionary, haha. Just a reminder that I also don't have that long until I'm in their shoes.

Well time to go!! Love you!!!!!!!!
Hermana Martin

Saying goodbye to people at Zone Conference

Making tortillas with Hma. Tapia

Final nursing home game night

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